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Nursing Facilities and Long-Term Care

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Have you ever thought about what your life would be like when you get old? If not, it is important for you to start to consider that you will need special cares that in some cases, and especially if you suffer from any disease, can be provided only by professionals. Hopefully you would be one of those lucky people who can stay at home while being elderly. Nevertheless, most people, particularly by their 80s and 90s cannot perform the same activities that they did when they were younger, neither stay at home alone. Thus, they have to move to nursing facilities or homes to be assisted by experts whose work is to give them the especial care they need.

If someone in your family is about to enter a home facility, you should help him/her to overcome this difficult transition. As any change in life, it is hard until the person finally adjusts to his/her new reality. To facilitate this process, it is important that the person gets involved in the whole admission process: selecting the home facility, speaking with the director, administrator or other officials. In that way, the resident will feel more confident in the home facility. Also, you, the resident and the whole family should plan in advance the move to help him/her get used to the idea of moving. As part of this process, you must let physicians and nurses of the home facility know the habits, routines, diet or special interests of the resident. In this manner, they can facilitate the stay of the resident.

In the nursing facility, the resident will have access to: medical, nursing, rehabilitative, personal and residential care. There, physicians develop an especial care plan for each resident which includes rehabilitative procedures, treatments, medication administration and special diets. Moreover, as part of the rehabilitative care, nursing facilitates offer respiratory, physical, occupational, or other therapies. In case that a resident needs help to walk, bathe, dress and eat, this service is offered under the personal care.

Now you know the benefits of investing in your future. Nevertheless, we still miss one important detail: How to pay? As you know, you will need to invest a lot of money to enter a nursing facility since medical care is expensive. However, you do not have to worry about it because long-term care insurance, which is a policy that provides benefits during a long period of time, can help you afford these expenses.

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