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Benefit Period

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The benefit period has been defined by the website, as “the period during which disability insurance benefits are paid.” It is imperative that you know that in spite of the fact that the length of the period vary greatly depending on the insured, the company and the policy, benefits payable until age 65 are always common for long-term policies. In contrast, those ones which are paid for twenty-six weeks are usually for short-term policies. The length is usually determined by the applicant, and it may range from 1 year to age 65, 67 or life. During this period, the insurance company may cover the direct insured person or the dependents of the benefits.

Nevertheless, it is fundamental to explain the whole process a little bit deeper in order for you to understand what it is and how this benefit period works. In the moment you suffer from injury of sickness, then, it is considered that the elimination period begins immediately. After this period is completed, the insured person initiates to receive a check at the end of each month. Thus, the maximum amount of months for which you are going to receive those checks constitute what is called the benefit period, as it name indicates. However, what happens once the last month is completed? Immediately, your benefits stop because it is the time when you return back to work in your occupation. Nonetheless, this is not always like that since some kinds of contracts stipulate that it also applies in case you return to another occupation from which you receive the same income.

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