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A Mortal Disease

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Today, cancer is the main cause of death world-wide. There is no way to stop this disease when detected late, regardless of which part of the body is being affected. Unfortunately, upon modern medicine and its technological advances, preventive health campaigns and early examinations are the best weapons for thousands of women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The causes of this cancer have not been demonstrated; nevertheless, some research studies show that hereditary factors as well as dietary habits influence the diagnosis of breast cancer.

Most of the time, a lot of women with breast cancer do not have enough money to cover the costs of medical treatment. This situation makes it more difficult to treat breast cancer on time and reduce the chances of death. On the contrary, when women have access to health care services to treat their breast cancer, the risk of dying diminishes considerably. Breast cancer is an alarming reality in our society; because of this, Medicare provides coverage for screening mammograms for women over 65 years and baseline mammograms for women less than 40. Besides, the program also includes the cost of chemotherapy and radiation treatment. These types of exams are very expensive, and females who face financial problems, have a low-income, or are uninsured cannot afford such health care services by themselves.

Therefore, Medicare is a good solution to provide a better quality of life to those women who suffer because of a mortal cancer that suddenly appeared in their lives. Now, uncertainty goes around those women who do not have health insurance since they are more likely to die from breast cancer. Remember that the regular practice of self-breast cancer exams and mammograms may save your life.

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