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Presumptive Disability

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As well as provisions set by insurance providers fluctuate depending on the companies, some of them do not contemplate presumptive disability in their contracts. In fact, the exact definition of this kind of disability varies from one insurer to another. Presumptive disability is defined by the website as “a condition that, if present, automatically causes an insured to be considered totally disabled and entitles the insured to receive a disability policy’s full income benefit.” In general, this is another criteria used to categorize total disability.

Complete loss of hearing in both ears, sight, use of any two limbs and power of speech are comprised in the group of conditions for presumptive disability. In these cases, benefits are paid while the loss continues and until the moment in which the benefit period finishes. Furthermore, in order to determine this disability, a loss of income test is done. So, the insured is declared totally disabled if his or her earnings after disability significantly drop.

The main purpose of presumptive disability insurance is to protect the insured from those disabilities occurring in a sudden and drastic way. It is important that you know that presumptive disability is not considered to be a provision in which you pay an extra premium for since most of the time, it is contemplated in the contracts. Also, every single contract boasting presumptive disability makes payments for first day benefits for all the losses mentioned above.

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