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Farmers & Traders Life

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Founded in 1912 by the National Grange to provide much needed life insurance to rural America, today, Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Company provides a full array of traditional life and annuity products to people from all walks of life.
Their Home Office is located in Syracuse, New York. They sell their products through an independent agency system of over 1,600 agents. Farmers and their Traders Life Insurance Company is a New York mutual life insurance company owned by its policyholders. Their products include whole life insurance, term insurance, universal life insurance, senior life plans, single premium immediate annuities, flexible premium deferred annuities, and single premium deferred annuities. They have specialty markets, which include worksite marketing and business solution plans.
Premiums for participating policies are based, normally, on fairly conservative mortality, interest, and expense assumptions. The insurer then may recognize more favorable experience through the payment of dividends. While most participating policies include an illustration of dividends, the actual dividends paid are not guaranteed. If future mortality, interest, and expenses are more favorable, dividends paid may be higher than those illustrated and vice versa.
The term dividend, as used with life insurance, should not be confused with the same term used to refer to earnings on shared stock. Dividends may be used in several ways. Farmers and Traders Life dividend options include cash, paid-up additions, accumulations, and premium reduction. The cash dividend option is when the annual dividend is paid directly to the policy owner. With the paid up addition dividend option, the annual dividend is used to purchase additional death benefit. 

They pride themselves on delivering responsive policyholder service and personal attention to their field force. Since 1912, Farmers and Traders Life Insurance Company has adhered to a philosophy of careful, conservative underwriting, investing, and marketing practices. This has kept risks to a minimum and resulted in a Company rating by A.M. Best Company as Excellent.

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