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Canada Health Insurance

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Canada is recognized for its effective health care system. Although provincial governments provide its citizens with basic health insurance needs, there are many important health care factors that are overlooked.
When it comes to health insurance, all provincial governments offer limited coverage. It is important to note that this list is not reflective of all the health insurance plans across Canada. Some provinces do not even provide full health insurance coverage for these basic needs, while others provide full coverage for more.
Many families throughout Canada are left without proper coverage for regular dental care, vision care, prescription drugs, and unforeseen health care emergencies.With any health plan there is a basic premium that must be paid. This refers to how much you or your employer pays, usually monthly, to buy health insurance coverage.
There are often other payments you must make as well, but these will vary by plan. Make sure to ask any potential health insurance provider if any additional costs will be added to the premium. A  deductible is the amount an individual must pay for health services each year before their insurance company begins to pay. For instance, if there is a 500 dollars deductible, the individual must pay for the first five hundred dollars worth of health care expenses before the insurance company begins to pay for services.
Another way to refer to indemnity plans is fee for service. In other words, indemnity plans pay their share of the cost only after a bill has been issued and received. With indemnity plans, the individual pays a pre-determined percentage of the cost of health care services, and the insurance company or self-insured employer pays the other percentage. The fees for services are defined by the health insurance providers and vary from physician to physician.
Usually, there is a deductible to pay each year starting from around 200 dollars before the insurer can provide coverage. Once you meet the deductible, however, most indemnity plans pay a percentage of charge for covered services.   Managed care refers to the pre selection of service care providers in an attempt to manage the cost, accessibility, and quality of care. 

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