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Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company

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Investors Heritage is a growing company with twenty four years experience in the preneed market. The mission of Investors Heritage Life Insurance Company is to provide quality life insurance products and services and maintain financial strength for the benefit of their insureds, stockholders, agents and employees.
The Company is committed to achieving long term financial objectives by implementing strategies to increase the volume and quality of insurance in force.  They will improve the quality of the delivery system with programs to enhance the skills and timely response of marketing and support service functions.
They are convinced more than ever there is a definite need and place for smaller, well run life insurance companies. Because of their size and method of doing business, their personnel can get to know their customers insured, funeral service providers and agents and respond quickly to their needs.
They stress their dedication to service to insureds, funeral service providers and agents. This can be confirmed by contacting people who represent the company. However, the distinguishing factor that is most difficult to express is the underlying attitude, philosophy or personality of the individuals who make Investors Heritage a company that people stay with after they join them.
Life Insurance is a contract under which a company agrees to pay a stated amount to the beneficiary or beneficiaries named by the insured. Pure or term insurance provides a death benefit but has no current value. Ordinary life insurance and the many variations thereof provide a build up of current value as well as a death benefit. Credit life insurance covers the balance due upon a loan if it remains outstanding when death occurs.

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