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Mutual Trust Life

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MTL Insurance Company was founded in 1904 and is known as The Whole Life Company, because of its specialty in participating whole life insurance. Although life insurance companies are not required to pay dividends, MTL has had a distinguished record of paying them: over the last 97 years and counting.
Licensed in 47 states and the District of Columbia, Mutual Trust Financial Group serves as the umbrella for MTL Insurance Company, MTL Equity Products, Inc. and MTL Agency, Inc. Working together, the member companies provide a full spectrum of quality insurance and investment products, meeting the financial security and retirement planning needs of individuals and businesses.
Ensuring that your family is financially secure is a critical part of financial planning. If there are people in your life who are either fully or partly dependent on your paycheck a spouse, children, or aging parent or grandparent, then you probably need life insurance. Life insurance helps fill the important gap between the money they need to live in a financially secure way and the amount of money provided by your estate without the insurance. Life insurance creates an immediate estate.
In addition to the promise of immediate protection for you and your family, permanent insurance builds cash values that you can access throughout your lifetime. When your policy's cash values reach sufficient levels, you can access this money through loans and withdrawals of dividends. One of the greatest attributes of a permanent life insurance plan is its unique ability to provide available cash, as you need it, throughout your lifetime often without incurring taxation.
Permanent insurance, on the other hand, doesn't have an expiration date. It covers you as long as you pay your premiums and frequently longer. It also combines the security of insurance protection with the ability to accumulate cash values. To help build up cash values, a mutual insurance company which exists primarily to serve its policy owners credits dividends and interest from its investments to the policy owners' policies. During your lifetime, you can borrow against this cash value, or withdraw funds to supplement retirement income, help pay off a mortgage or meet emergencies or other financial needs.

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