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Catholic Order of Foresters

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Life insurance, sometimes referred to as life assurance, provides for a payment of a sum of money upon the death of the insured. In addition, life insurance can be used as a means of investment or saving.
Established in 1883, Catholic Order of Foresters is a not for profit fraternal insurance organization with more than 140,000 members nationwide. Operations are conducted in 30 states and the District of Columbia by a field force of more than 300 local agents who provide members with friendly, personal service. COF ranks among the largest fraternal life insurance societies in the United States.
The word fraternal means brotherhood and friendship and that's what Catholic Order of Foresters is all about. They are helping people, bonding together for mutual support loving and serving God by giving their physical, financial, and spiritual resources to make a difference.  COF's commitment to caring began in 1883 at Holy Family Parish in Chicago, Illinois. Back then, impoverished immigrants were streaming into the United States, seeking a better life. When tragedy struck and families lost their breadwinner, friends and neighbors typically collected money for burial expenses and to keep survivors from starving.
Catholic Order of Foresters offers outstanding financial protection and security through quality term, whole life, and annuity products. Purchasing one of the products provides eligibility for COF's added value fraternal benefits. They are whole life insurance forester assurance affordably priced protection, forester basic lifetime coverage with only 10 annual payments, forester basic 15 only 15 annual payments, forester legacy a financial solution for your final obligations, forester life.
They provide flexible premium deferred annuity permits amount and frequency of premium payments to vary from year to year. Traditional IRA Available to any income earning individual who wants to defer or eliminate income tax payments on funds set aside for retirement. Contributions may not be made after age 70 1/2 years. They are available only to employees of certain types of tax exempt, educational, or charitable organizations. 

Catholic Order of Foresters is dedicated in providing their members with financial security and opportunities for spiritual, social, and charitable growth. Foster, support, and provide resources for charitable and fraternal activities, community, school, and church outreach. They offer opportunities for personal and professional growth; honor other's achievements. They maintain the highest standard of quality and accuracy.

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