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Colonial Life of Texas

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Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas was chartered and has been providing life and disability coverage’s since 1978. The company is located in Fort Worth, Texas, and is currently licensed to issue coverage’s in Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and Arizona. Colonial Life has maintained a steady profitable growth each year and now has Assets in excess of twelve million dollars, and a Capital & Surplus in excess of nine million dollars.
Colonial Life Insurance Company of Texas is associated with Colonial Savings, F.A. and Fort Worth Mortgage Company. With this close relationship, Colonial Life has specialized in Mortgage Cancellation Insurance, Decreasing Term, and Mortgage Disability types of insurance coverage’s that support the mortgage loans being managed by Colonial Savings, F.A.. A big advantage to the Colonial Savings' customers is that the premiums may be added and paid with the monthly mortgage payments.

In addition to the four states listed above, Colonial Life has agreements with several other Insurance Companies, which will allow them to provide insurance coverage’s to Colonial Savings' customers in the other states.
Colonial Life has also developed coverage’s, other than mortgage type insurance individuals other than Colonial Savings’ customers may purchase that. Various mortgage cancellations or decreasing term life coverage’s are available that can provide coverage’s to pay off your mortgage loan in case of your death. You may purchase the type of policy to meet your mortgage needs. This is very affordable coverage that will pay off your mortgage loan if you die from an accident and/or refund three months of mortgage payments if you should become disabled due to an accident. 

Colonial Life has various other coverage’s available for your protection. These include 5 Year Renewable & Convertible Term, Family Accident, Annual Renewable Term, and Hospital Confinement. Other type coverage’s are being developed for future sales.          

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