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Army & Air Force Mutual Aid Association

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The Army Mutual Aid Association was established in 1879 after the Battle of Little Big Horn, or Custer's Last Stand. During frontier times when an officer died, the remaining soldiers would literally pass the hat to raise money for the surviving family. This system collapsed, however, with the Battle of Little Big Horn. There were too few survivors to pass the hat, thus leaving the deceased soldiers' families in need. To remedy this situation, Army officers established the Army Mutual Aid Association.
The Company is a member owned, non-profit association, providing life insurance and Survivor Assistance Services to Army and Air Force service members and their families. They exist to serve their members with very low cost life insurance and assist their survivors in receiving the benefits they are entitled to from insurance claims and government benefits.
The Company provide grandfathered living services and after the member’s death, grandfathered survivor services and obtains information such as spouse’s name, children’s’ names, contact information, birth dates, Social Security numbers, SBP election, VA claims, DD214 record information, and information to help file claims on other insurance policies for the deceased.
The Company has protected service members and their families. With coverage up to 800,000 dollars and over 750 million dollars in reserves, they stand ready to protect your financial needs. The Company remains committed to providing the absolute lowest cost life insurance policies to Army and Air Force communities.
Their objective to be the absolute lowest cost provider of life insurance policies to the Army and Air Force communities their services is not a gimmick. They’re a commitment they have proudly fulfilled for over 127 years. If you’re looking for a life insurance company with heart, you’ve come to the right place.

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