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Columbus Life

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Columbus Mutual Life was founded in 1906; Channing Webster Brandon based his new company's practices on the Golden Rule. They still believe in the Golden Rule. That's why they take great care in taking care of their financial service representatives. They want their representatives to be the best equipped and most informed so they, in turn, can provide the best service for their clients.
Columbus Life offers a strong foundation for their financial service representatives to serve their clients and grow their businesses. They boast of diverse, competitive products and some of the highest financial ratings in the industry. They work with their representatives to build strong businesses and strong relationships.
At Columbus Life it all comes down to caring and commitment. They value their representatives along with the benefits and services they provide to their clients. By giving them the best personal attention and technical support, they can in turn, give their clients the best service.
One of the qualities they look for in a Columbus Life representative is leadership. Since their representatives' contracts are based on equal rights to all, special privileges to none, adhering to this high standard requires a strong leader who can represent the company's interests while providing value and security to policyholders.
Life Insurance is an essential component of a complete financial plan, providing protection for your future. Your financial professional can help you determine the type and amount of insurance you need for your specific situation. Whether you need the temporary protection of term, or a more permanent solution such as universal life, Columbus Life has the solution. Explore the different types of life insurance that are available.
Universal Life insurance offers the better of two worlds a set amount of coverage with a tax deferred, cash accumulation account based on current interest rates. This permanent insurance plan generally provides lower premiums for those people who have life insurance needs that will stay relatively constant over their lifetimes, or who desire the cash value build-up universal life policies can provide.

In spite of many years of growth and modernization, the proudest achievement of Columbus Life people is that, throughout the history of the Company, the same principles on which the Company was founded have been kept alive.

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