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Equitable Life & Casualty

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In 1935, a young doctor had the idea to start a business with the notion that it would be successful as long as people were treated fairly and equally. That entrepreneur was my grandfather. With vision and good, old fashioned hard work, his idea became Equitable Life & Casualty.
The Company has come a long way from those humble beginnings during the Great Depression. Their world has changed in many, many ways. With advancements in medical science and changes in their lifestyles and habits, they have the ability to live longer and healthier lives to celebrate their aging and share it with their families and loved ones.
Equitable Life & Casualty is a unique insurance company that specializes in providing Life, Medicare Supplement and Long Term Care coverage to The Ultimate Generation today’s Senior Americans. It is the character of The Equitable Family that sets them apart. Since 1935, they have earned a national reputation of caring for their policy owners, their agents, and their employees.
Life insurance is designed to protect against the financial risk associated with your death. It may also help you provide to your loved ones the financial resources and security you want for their future. Think of the common needs associated with the purchase of life insurance; mortgage and debt protection, funds to pay any final expenses medical and funeral or estate taxes, income for your spouse and family, the care of a child with special needs, or perhaps the funding needed for the education of a child or grandchild.
The products and personalized service that they provide policy owners are second to none. They deliver the service that exceeds your expectations. The abundance and the advancements of American medicine and technology allow them to live longer. The innovative life and health insurance products they offer provide their policy owners the opportunity and ability to live more comfortably as well.

Their challenge is to help The Ultimate Generation achieve the financial security and independence to enjoy a worry free retirement. Equitable continues to help Senior Americans meet this challenge today, and will for generations to come a charge they take very seriously.

They have developed a line of innovative products to help seniors meet their needs. When it comes to products, equitable portfolio is the complete package. Nobody does it better they are very proud of that.

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