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Garden State Life

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Garden State Life, a wholly owned subsidiary of American National Insurance Company, is rated excellent by the A.M. Best Company third highest of 16 ratings and good Strong by Standard & Poor's fourth highest of 9 ratings based on their opinion of Garden State.
A.M.Best and Standard & Poor's are two of the nation's leading independent insurance company rating organizations. American National Insurance Company, It’s parent company, was founded in 1905 and is rated A plus superior by A.M. Best second highest of 16 ratings and AA very strong by Standard & Poor's second highest of 9 ratings.
They specialize in offering their plans direct to you without asking you to go through many of the hassles often associated with life insurance. They advertise, accept applications, underwrite and deliver your policy using the mail, phone and the Internet. The entire process is confidential, easy and saves time, too.
With Cash Gard Term, your loved ones will have financial protection to help them with mortgage or rent payments, every day household bills, education and other living expenses if something should happen to you. Cash Gard has all of the protection features and benefits of term insurance with one additional advantage if you are living and your policy is still in effect on a premium paying basis at the end of the level premium period you select, you get a refund of all the premiums you paid.
Premiums are returned to you tax free. If you are still living at the end of your level premium period, and have kept the policy in effect, you will receive a check for all of the base policy standard premiums you have paid. Of course, if you die while your policy is in force, the entire death benefit will be paid to your beneficiary.
Although many people have life insurance through their employer, it is often a small multiple of salary and, of course, will only be there as long as you hold that job. Your own personal life insurance program is an excellent way to make sure enough money will be there when your loved ones really need it. 

Garden State Life and you their way of working is easy and convenient for you and is your strong financial partner. The Company has solid ratings from independent financial reporting organizations. It is a proud member of Insurance Marketplace Standards Association.

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