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Gleaner Life Insurance Society

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Gleaner Life Insurance Society is a nationally recognized tax exempt fraternal beneficiary society. They assist their members in achieving their financial goals through a broad range of life insurance and annuity products. As a fraternal organization, they provide volunteer opportunities and support outreach programs which make a difference in the lives of their members and the communities they serve.
Gleaner Life Insurance Society has earned the coveted member in good standing designation from the National Fraternal Congress of America, the association of America's Fraternal Benefit Societies.  This level of achievement for 2005 recognizes the society for the highest standards of performance, both in fraternal programming and financial operation, over a one year period.
As a fraternal benefit society, they gather together to accomplish what they cannot do individually, always within the scope of the Gleaner precepts benevolence, protection, and fraternity and guided by the Gleaner motto, Prudens Futuri, which means thoughtful for the future. Gleaner benevolent, protective, and fraternal activities are carried to members' communities through the local meeting units which they call arbors.
Liberal underwriting guidelines make it easier for you to qualify for a Gleaner Advantaged Life certificate.  There is just one underwriting class.Gleaner Advantaged Life is issued to people up to 85 years old, making it ideal for mature seniors seeking to transfer assets in a tax efficient manner.
Gleaner Life Insurance Society is a fraternal organization that provides member benefits not available from commercial insurance carriers.  Their fraternal benefits include Gleaner Scholarships, the Orphans Benefit, the New Arrival Family Benefit, the shopper's Harvest Card and 1,000 dollars fraternal plus accidental death benefit.  Activities like their family picnics, community service projects and other events are just a few of the fellowship opportunities that also enhance your Gleaner membership.
Although the Gleaner roots run deep in the past, the society has always looked to the future in the protection it provides its members.  It offers a portfolio of up to date life insurance and annuity plans to fit their members' changing needs and circumstances.As a lifetime member of the society, you benefit in three ways namely through participation in the activities of your local arbor, through lifelong insurance protection for yourself and your family, as well as from special fraternal benefits such as the orphan benefit and the medic alert benefit.

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