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Greater Beneficial Union

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The Greater Beneficial Union of Pittsburgh was founded on April 13, 1892, by German immigrants that settled in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The purpose of formation was to provide financial security, fraternalism and social activities to its members.
The firm offers a wide variety of life insurance products, retirement savings programs and fraternal benefits to its members.  They promote German cultural activities and events, and encourage community and patriotic involvement. Charitable, recreational and social activities are developed and offered for the entire family. The firm encourages its members to perform charitable acts for their fellow members and communities.
The company differs from commercial insurance companies such as the members are the owners of GBU, the firm wants its members to prosper, and excess profits belong to their members and encourage its membership to become active in their community.
They offer Select Term Life for the consumer who needs low cost and high coverage life insurance. The firm’s Kinder Life Plan is a level term life insurance plan designed specifically for children and young adults up to age 18. This plan provides the insured with immediate protection and the guarantee of future insurability.
Their Preferred 8 Annuity is for the consumer who wants to begin a savings or retirement program and provides annuitants with tax-deferred accumulations at a high rate of interest. Certain withdrawal restrictions apply during the first eight years.
Greater Beneficial Union have range of insurance like Ordinary Life in which Ordinary Life is for the consumer who desires affordable, permanent life insurance coverage with level premiums. Dividends and guaranteed cash values make this a cost-effective policy. Their Annual Renewable Term Life is designed for the consumer who needs immediate insurance coverage to meet specific financial needs in the event of premature death.

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