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Lafayette Life

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Life insurance, sometimes referred to as life assurance, provides for a payment of a sum of money upon the death of the insured. In addition, life insurance can be used as a means of investment or saving.

Lafayette Life has never failed to pay policyowners an annual dividend1. Their bond portfolio at year end 2005 comprised 82.7 percent of their invested assets. The quality of these assets is evidenced by the fact that 97 percent are rated or evaluated as investment grade BAA or better. The average quality of the portfolio has consistently been maintained at a single A level, or better, for more than 20 years. The bond portfolio is well diversified across industries and companies; with no one credit representing more than 1 percent of assets.
Lafayette Life Insurance Company has a complete line of life insurance and annuity products to meet most every need. In addition, there are specialized riders that may be combined with your policy to provide a customized package best suited to your personal objectives.
The classic series of Whole Life Insurance provide permanent insurance, with level death benefits to age 100. Each participates in policy dividends, and offers death benefit protection that is guaranteed to stay in place as long as you pay the scheduled premium without accessing the policy cash values. They have three different whole life insurance polices each with different features and benefits.

The Millennium Series of Universal Life Insurance are designed to provide flexibility in premiums and death benefits, with access to current policy values. They have several different universal life policies, each designed to meet a different need. Their mission is to provide the highest value insurance and business services, distinguished by exceptional customer service.

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