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Met Life

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For 137 years, MetLife has been insuring the lives of the people who depend on them.  Their success is based on their long history of social responsibility, strong leadership, sound investments, and innovative products and services. The origins of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, MetLife go back to 1863, when a group of New York City businessmen raised 100,000 dollars to found the National Union Life and Limb Insurance Company.
At MetLife they feel that they have a responsibility to help their customers make some conscious, deliberate decisions about their family’s future, rather than leaving their future to chance and good luck.  Life insurance can provide those who depend on you with a lifetime of financial security.
Many people have trouble figuring out how much life insurance is right for them.  It’s important to buy enough coverage so your family is taken care of, but you shouldn't overpay for insurance you may not need.  At MetLife, their trusted professionals are experts at recommending the appropriate amount of coverage for you.
One approach that has been used in the financial services industry for many years is called the Life Insurance Survivor Needs Analysis. This approach is based on replacing an amount of income needed for your surviving spouse and children. Your survivors' needs are then compared to their assets, existing life insurance and income sources to determine any additional life insurance requirements.
There are two basic types of life insurance available on the market today, Term Life Insurance and Permanent Insurance. It may depend on how long you need the coverage for.  If you have a temporary protection need, Term Life Insurance may be appropriate.  If you expect to need life insurance for a longer duration, even for your lifetime, then you should consider Permanent Life Insurance.
Designed for temporary life insurance protection, Term Insurance offers the lowest initial premium expense. Over time, however, term insurance premiums can increase significantly. In the long run the cost may even surpass the cost of permanent life insurance002E.

The mission is to enrich the lives of their customers through quality products and reliable service.

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