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Munich American Reassurance Company

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Munich American Reassurance Company MARC  is a leader in providing reinsurance to insurance companies. MARC, founded in 1959 as the U.S. life and health reinsurance subsidiary of the Munich Re Group, currently has offices in both Atlanta and Chicago. The first year he had only five employees but was successful in achieving thirty-three reinsurance treaty agreements, including one foreign treaty. Munich Re grew rapidly and, by 1885, it had become the largest reinsurer in the world, currently employing more than 40,000 people in over 60 countries. Today’s clients include approximately 5,000 insurance companies in about 160 countries around the world.
Munich American Reassurance Company is poised to become a leader in the Health Management Organizations, i.e. HMO, Reinsurance market. Munich American remains committed to Health Management Organizations Reinsurance through its partnership with RBS Re. RBS Re is MARC’s reinsurance manager and underwriter for Health Management Organizations. Recent developments in the HMO Reinsurance market have left many Health Management Organizations in the position of having to find a new reinsurance partner.
Individual Life is Munich American Reassurance Company’s  core product line. They have achieved a leadership position by bringing a large internal capacity, skilled underwriting, competitive pricing, and a strong capital position to the marketplace. As a result, many of the industry’s largest companies have chosen MARC as their reinsurer. They emphasize automatic reinsurance programs and also provide facultative support to their clients. The Company offers a team of professionals with expertise in a variety of annuities, permanent life insurance products and other asset accumulation vehicles.
They are committed to working with you to design products to meet your current and emerging needs in today’s changing market. Their objective is for their clients to gain greater market shares and a greater profit potential.   

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