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Nationwide Provident

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Nationwide Provident is a Nationwide Financial Company. Nationwide Financial Network representatives offer customers innovative protection, accumulation and wealth transfer solutions to help them meet their financial needs throughout their lifetimes.
Their representatives can offer life insurance and annuities as well as a wide range of brand name mutual funds and equities through 1717 Capital Management Company. Life insurance products are issued by Nationwide Life Insurance Company of America, licensed in all states and the District of Columbia and Nationwide Life and Annuity Company of America which is not licensed in New York.
At the company, they believe it is important for their customers to have access to information and resources to make sound decisions and manage their money properly. Nationwide Life Insurance Company of America and its subsidiaries provide innovative protection, accumulation and wealth transfer solutions to help meet clients' financial needs throughout their lifetimes. They offer life insurance to protect families, estates and businesses. They also offer annuities for individual retirement needs and a group annuity contract and related services for qualified pension plans.
Permanent life insurance, in addition to a death benefit also builds up cash value within the policy, which can be borrowed for a variety of reasons. Unlike term, a permanent policy can remain in force as long as premiums are paid or there is enough value within the policy that can be used to pay the premiums. Some permanent policies allow you to vary the amount and the timing of your premium payments, in addition to increasing or decreasing the policy's death benefit. Other permanent policies have investment options that fluctuate with the stock market.

Universal Life is a combination of life insurance protection and tax deferred accumulation of cash values. Universal Life provides affordable death benefit protection with the safety of additional Guarantees. While you maintain the flexibility to vary premiums and death benefit amounts and the ability to draw on cash values if needed, universal life does not involve the ups and downs of equity markets.
Portfolio II and Whole Life II are traditional whole life policies that can provide insurance for your whole life as opposed to a defined number of years with a term life insurance policy. Life Insurance is more than just paying premiums to an insurance company and the payment of a death benefit to your beneficiaries. It can also be used to achieve different financial goals.

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