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New England Financial

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At New England Financial, they have a history of integrity, professionalism and wisdom in serving the financial needs of high net worth families, business owners and professionals in both the for profit and non profit sectors.

Since 1835, the company has been building a reputation for integrity and reliability. Today, they are recognized as a premier life insurance and financial services organization committed to their clients. They have solid financial strength. All the major rating agencies rank the company in the excellent or superior range for claims paying ability and financial strength.

Their capital strength and claims paying ability are backed by one of the largest, most trusted companies in the United States, MetLife and their parent company. MetLife has a long tradition of integrity, financial strength and a reputation for delivering on promises to its policyholders.

Both New England Financial and MetLife are members of the Insurance Marketplace Standards Association . IMSA membership demonstrates a company’s dedication to truthfulness and honorable, ethical conduct in customer contacts involving sales and service of individual insurance and annuities.

Ethical business practices and consumer trust are the foundation of the financial services industry. Their goal is to be the most trusted company in the industry. You can be sure that with such a long tradition of integrity and quality, commitment to face to face guidance, tested financial skills and an equally strong and committed parent company, they will be there to deliver on their promises to you. 

While there are many decisions you will have to make when assessing your life insurance needs, one of the most basic is whether you need permanent insurance or term insurance. A simple way to understand the differences between these two types of life insurance is by comparing them to something familiar to all of them finding a place to live.

Buying permanent life insurance is like owning a home, while buying term insurance is like renting one. Tailoring life insurance to fit your needs is like finding a place to live. Once you find the right home, you need to choose how to pay for it. Their vision and core values encompass adherence to the highest standards of ethical conduct as the only acceptable way of doing business.

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