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North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company

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Since its beginning in 1898, North Carolina Mutual Life Insurance Company has grown to become one of the nations’ most widely known and successful business institutions. It is the only insurance company domiciled in North Carolina with a charter dated before 1900. With over 12 billion dollars of insurance in force and surplus exceeding 18 million dollars, the company is the oldest and largest African American life insurance company in the United States.

The Company's 7 organizers were men who were active in business, educational, medical and civic life of the Durham community. An early financial crisis tested their resolve and the company was reorganized in 1900 with only John Merrick and Dr. Aaron M. Moore remaining. Charles C. Spaulding was named General Manager, under whose direction the company grew and achieved national prominence. The Company has had 9 presidents in its 107 year history, John Merrick, Dr. Aaron M. Moore, Charles C. Spaulding, William J. Kennedy Jr., Asa T. Spaulding, J.W. Goodloe, William J. Kennedy III, Bert Collins and James H. Speed Jr., who assumed office on January 1, 2004.
They made progress towards their goal of being included in the list of the top 150 life insurance companies in the nation measured by premium income, having acquired a block of ordinary life business from American Life and Health. There is plenty evidence that North Carolina Mutual, in fact, is becoming the preferred minority partner of America's top corporations, governmental units and educational institutions. They established alliances with Minnesota Life and The Hartford as they became their reinsurance partner and they increased their business with the State of North Carolina. The solid reputation North Carolina Mutual has built during its 106 year history allowed them to knock on doors and gain access to decision makers at fortune 500 corporations who appreciate the fact that they are a company that performs.
They know that you are concerned about your family's financial security and they have developed insurance products to help meet your financial needs during times of crisis. They pride their selves on being there for customers when they need them and having the know how to simplify all financial and insurance issues and procedures.     

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