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Old Republic Insurance Group

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Old Republic International Corporation is among the nation's 50 largest publicly held insurance organizations, with a substantial interest in major segments of the industry. The Company is primarily a commercial lines underwriter, serving many of America's leading industrial and financial services companies as valued customers. Since 1923, Old Republic has grown as a specialty insurance business, though its oldest subsidiary has insured lives since 1887.

Old Republic's record as a long-term growth company is one of the best in the industry. The Company's performance reflects an entrepreneurial spirit, sound forward planning, and a corporate structure that promotes and encourages assumption of prudent business risks. For shareholders, Old Republic's common stock has a demonstrated history of long-term capital appreciation. For employees, the Company offers a successful environment in which they can achieve personal goals in the context of Old Republic's business objectives.

Publicly held enterprise, they are required to publish their results quarterly and annually. They do so, however, with full appreciation that their meaning can only be gauged in the context of a longer-term perspective. The insurance business is distinguished from most others in that the prices premiums, they charge for coverage’s are set without clear knowledge of the ultimate claim costs that will be incurred, often many years after issuance of a policy.
Their focus on creating long-term shareholder value is evident in the generally consistent growth of their bottom line, book value, and invested assets, as well as in their dividend record. Old Republic has paid regular cash dividends on their common shares without interruption for each of the past 63 years and has increased the regular cash dividend for the past 23 years. This fact alone sets them apart, as they are one of only 284 companies among more than 10,000 publicly held American businesses to have posted at least 10 consecutive years of annual dividend growth. 

The Company believes their success rests on the Company’s entrepreneurial spirit, sound forward planning, and a corporate culture that encourages assumption of prudent business risks tempered by a conservative approach to asset and capital management. As insurance underwriters, they know that they cannot be all things to all people; they therefore manage a diverse but highly focused book of insurance risks. They have structured their business to enable participation in several insurance segments to counter natural cyclicality and lead to reasonably balance and consistent returns over time.

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