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Pacific Blue Cross

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Pacific Blue Cross was merged from CU&C, CU&C Health Services Society, and MSA, Medical Services Association, in November 1997.  Today, almost two million British Columbians have benefit coverage through Pacific Blue Cross. MSA, founded in 1940, and CU&C, founded in 1946, was initially created to establish basic medical hospital plans that would provide prepaid health benefits at the lowest possible cost, including a free choice of doctor.

The extended health benefits plans which include prescription drugs, special nursing, ambulance service and dental plans were introduced in the 1960's.  That decade also saw the introduction of government health services under the MSP, medical services plan of British Columbia.  CU&C and MSA became licensed carriers for the Medical Services Commission of British Columbia. Pacific Blue Cross is British Columbia's largest provider of extended health and dental benefits.  Its two predecessor organizations, MSA and CU&C, were founded in the 1940's, and have grown and changed with the province's health care system.
Pacific Blue Cross offers a choice of unique personal extended health, dental and travel options to meet the needs of people who are not covered by an employer group plan. Their plans give you the tools you need to plan ahead, so that if something unexpected occurs, you are prepared and can focus on healing instead of worrying about your finances.BC Life, British Columbia Life & Casualty Company, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Blue Cross. As an addition to your Pacific Blue Cross group benefit plan, they offer short and long term disability coverage as well as life insurance. BC Life coverage may also be purchased for your group on its own. BC Life provides British Columbians with conventional and customized insurance plans for group life, optional life, dependent life and many more. 

British Columbia Life & Casualty Company offers life and disability benefits for small and large groups. Pacific Blue Cross is a not-for-profit service organization, together with its subsidiary British Columbia Life & Casualty Company shares a common mission to be the most trusted and reliable provider of cost effective health, life and disability coverage for their members.

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