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Pacific Guardian

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Pacific Guardian is the largest life and health insurance company in Hawaii with markets in 20 western states, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana’s. Their family of services offers a full range of solutions for life insurance, employee benefits, and worksite marketing.

The Company humble beginnings in Honolulu back in 1961 had a simple enough intent. To invest money earned by the people of Hawaii for their benefit, while allowing them close proximity to their investments. This philosophy has not changed much over the years, though market expansion has meant a more sophisticated approach to business operations. Even as they have grown and matured, they have never lost sight of their goals nor faith in the ideals of their Company philosophy, sharing their life with yours.
The Company right policies, you will receive peace of mind and a whole lot more. Getting life insurance is a practical means of providing financial security for your family. When life takes an unexpected turn, your loved ones can continue living full lives, as you'd want them to. Your gift to them, then, goes beyond a good feeling. It becomes a tangible measure of security for your family.

Pacific Guardian, they were been helping people protect against life's uncertainties for a number of generations. Consider what they can do for you, their life insurance products can help you create an estate, Supplement retirement funds, Pay off loans, Pay off home mortgages, Create college funds, Pay off funeral, medical expenses, Allow your spouse children to sustain a similar lifestyle and Provide for monthly income for your loved ones.

The Company various types of life insurance products are designed to fit your individual needs and wants.  Life insurance offers attractive features, such as non taxable benefits and tax deferred investments. Pacific Guardian offers a variety of attractive and competitive solutions. In this statement they offer Term Life, Whole life and Universal life.

Pacific Guardian offers some outstanding products for business needs, especially for smaller companies. Business Life Insurance can be used to protect against the loss of a key person, reward key employees by splitting the cost of their insurance with employers and offer life insurance as a bonus to executives and other employees.

Life insurance can be complex, their agents and brokers offer professional help to assist you in making the right decision. While everyone else is reducing personal service, they are doing just the opposite. At Pacific Guardian, they focus on helping you choose the right solutions, based on your individual needs. They pride their selves on being there for customers when they need them and having the know how to simplify all financial and insurance issues and procedures.

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