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In 1918, Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association received its first application for life insurance, and offered products to serve the life insurance needs of its customers throughout the 20th century. Today, TIAA CREF Life Insurance Company offers temporary term and permanent life insurance products that will help provide protection for your family and help you keep the things you value most in life secure and set your mind at ease.
Teachers insurance and Annuity Association College retirement Equities fund is one of the largest and most respected financial services provides in the world. For more than 85 years they have been dedicated to serving the financial well being of an extraordinary group of people those working in the academic, medical, cultural and research fields. The TIAA CREF group of companies provides an expanding range of investment and insurance services.
Insurance is one of life's necessities and probably the least understood financial product. Insurance reimburses people for covered losses in the event an unfortunate occurrence such as an illness, accident or death. It is a system that makes the threat of large financial losses less ominous, by pooling the risks of many individuals and business entities and reassigning the risk to an insurance company in exchange for a price known as a premium.  Insurance companies then combine the premiums paid by consumers to form a fund that can be used to pay for covered losses and experienced by consumers.
Life insurance provides an income tax free lump sum of money for your survivors in the event of your death. The appropriate amount of insurance depends on your needs and personal circumstances. If your employer offers full medical insurance coverage, consider yourself fortunate, even if you must pay for part of the bill. If not, check with your state insurance department for a list of companies offering private health insurance. Like most insurance policies, TIAA CREF Life's policies contain exclusions, limitations, reductions of benefits and terms for keeping them in force.
Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association not only protects your loved ones against the uncertainties of life, as an investment, it’s the foundation of a sound financial plan. Combined with annuities, investments, retirement and estate planning, life insurance provides you with the financial peace of mind for your family or business. Their diversified approach not only defines how they do business, it is their philosophy in delivering the products and services you need.

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