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WellPoint Health Networks

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WellPoint Health Network predecessor was Blue Cross of California, which was founded in 1982 with the consolidation of Blue Cross of Northern California established in 1936 and Blue Cross of Southern California established in 1937. WellPoint was formed in 1992 to operate Blue Cross of California's managed care business. In 1993, Blue Cross of California spun off its managed care business into a separate publicly traded entity, WellPoint Health Networks. In 1996, Blue Cross of California completed the conversion of all its business to for profit status, resulting in a restructuring that designated WellPoint Health Networks as the parent organization.
The WellPoint companies offer a choice of quality branded health benefits and related financial services designed to meet the changing expectations of individuals, families and their sponsors through a lifelong relationship. With a reputation for innovation, WellPoint is committed to establishing a relationship with its customers, physicians, hospitals and other health care clinicians as trusted partners.Consumers want a choice of products and health care professionals, and they want more control over their health care decisions. Employers also want the maximum amount of cost control while also being sensitive to employee needs.
Employer groups and individual members can select from basic as well as comprehensive plans to meet their specific needs. Also available are a wide range of related specialty products and other services including flexible spending accounts and administration. WellPoint's strategy is to offer a diversified mix of products that preserve member choice at competitive prices, while focusing on the development of new hybrid plans that take advantage of the best characteristics of traditional managed care and innovative open access models. 

WellPoint's mission is to improve the lives of the people they serve and the health of their communities. WellPoint, through their foundations and corporate social responsibility programs, takes a leadership role to improve their communities and is helping to address some of health care's most pressing issues.

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