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Woodmen of the World

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The largest fraternal benefit society with open membership in the United States, Woodmen was founded in Omaha, Neb., by Joseph Cullen Root on June 6, 1890. From its humble beginnings more than a century ago, Woodmen has grown into a financial services organization large enough to offer security, but small enough to still care about each individual member.
Their members share a commitment to family, community and country. Through a commitment to family values, they become more dedicated family members. Through volunteerism, members strive to be better friends and neighbors. Through a patriotic allegiance, members pledge to be better citizens.
Their mission statement expresses the basic purpose of our organization and the reason for their existence. Woodmen exist to benefit their members through every stage of life. They provide valued financial solutions.
They engage members in volunteer community service. They enrich the lives of their members. In addition to providing life insurance protection to members, Root believed that Woodmen members, through their local lodges, should be an active volunteer force within their communities, helping those in need.
They recognize that your needs continually change. They offer financial products, services and member benefits that can help you whether you're a newborn or retiree, and for every step along the way. Their goal is to help you discover what you want, pinpoint what you need, and offer financial solutions that you can reasonably afford. At Woodmen, they define four levels of financial needs. Each level builds on the foundation, so that over time and with commitment your financial portfolio can grow stronger.

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