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Anderson Wayne provides compassionate and effective care to the person with neurological disease or chronic pain. Both neurological diseases and chronic pain can affect the quality of life, fear and isolation, loss of self esteem and loss of employment. They listen and try to provide the appropriate care to help the patient return to society with dignity.
They want every individual person to participate in the healing process and they struggle to educate and explain. They recognize the importance of treating the whole person and therefore they have an understanding of complementary therapies as well as conventional medical and surgical therapies. In addition to the standard treatments and procedures, they also are happy to provide information about complementary care practitioners in your area. This practice does not discriminate in the delivery of healthcare based on age, gender, race, origin, disability, religion or sexual orientation.
The listing of any disease, drug, workup or treatment is for informational purposes this does not imply that the medication or other treatment is appropriate for any particular condition or that medications or treatments not listed would not be appropriate for any particular condition. The information presented may be outdated as medical information changes rapidly. Thus all medications listed are defined as dangerous drugs. Your kind patronage of their sponsors is helping to build a comprehensive neurology and pain management. The right policies which are good human rights policy, social policy and non discrimination policy.
Their goal is to promote patient and practitioner education in neurology and pain management. They are constantly adding new content, more disease states, more treatment options, more information about medications and procedures.

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