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James Anderson has specialties in general surgery and plastic surgery. Dr James Anderson is in this profession for more than 23 years and is located in California.
Every medical specialty has a national board responsible for setting standards physicians must meet to be certified. Health Grades recognizes certifications from the American Board of Medical Specialties and the Bureau of Osteopathic Specialties DO's.

Physicians who choose to become certified must have exercise beyond what medical licensure requires. Board certification involves a rigorous review of the physicians’ knowledge, experience and skill in a specialty.
Health Grades compiles, organizes and interprets information from numerous data sources into a sole report. They are committed to providing you the most comprehensive reports. Though, some information simply may not be available to them.
To ensure your complete satisfaction, they are pleased to let you know exactly what information they have found for you before you buy a report. For Dr. Andersen, the information available is like professional misconduct, specialties, area hospital ratings, board certification, an opinion to share with others and comparisons to national and specialty averages.

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