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Jason Eiband, MD, was born in Cleveland, Ohio and grew up in the Maryland suburbs where he spent my summers on the Chesapeake Bay. He attended Purdue University where he majored in mechanical engineering as an undergraduate. After college, he worked as a consulting engineer doing spacecraft thermal design for NASA. While he was a consultant, he decided that he wanted to attend medical school and completed another degree in chemical engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park. He then attended the University of Maryland Medical School in Baltimore. After medical school, he completed my residency in emergency medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Cleveland, Ohio. After residency, he moved to San Francisco to join Kaiser Permanente.

In 1991, he joined Kaiser Permanente to do many different things besides his primary role as an emergency physician. They deliver the very best care to their patients and he have had a chance to do many things including Chief of Occupational Medicine in Oakland, Chief of Emergency Medicine in Fresno, and Assistant Chief of Emergency Medicine in South San Francisco. As a result of my experience at Kaiser Permanente he has had the opportunity to represent physicians in the California Medical Association to promote health care reform for everyone in California.

The Emergency Department provides medical care to all patients in need of immediate attention. Their skilled and caring team includes physicians, registered nurses and technicians, all with special training in emergency medicine.

A registered nurse will assess your medical needs and assign you to a treatment team as quickly as possible. Top priority is given to individuals with life-threatening conditions, and those who arrive by ambulance. Patients with less serious conditions are seen as soon as possible. To avoid long waiting times, non emergency problems are better served in the minor injury clinic, adult medicine, pediatrics, or appropriate specialty departments.

Co payment for services is expected at the time of treatment. The level of your co payment is determined by the health plan. The emergency department does not determine how much co payment you will pay, although they are obligated to ask for it. They strive to deliver the same excellent care and service to all of their patients regardless of the level of their co payment or their ability to pay. Their goal is provide quality care to all patients in the Emergency Department.

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