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The first physician board certified bariatric physician in the Bay Area, Dr. Ranveig Elvebakk developed her weight and nutrition system in 1996. She pioneered scientifically based easy weight loss and the reversal of metabolic illnesses including diabetes at a time when these were considered irreversible.

Dr. Elvebakk earned her medical degree from the University of Oslo and served as a post graduate researcher at University of California, Davis Medical School. Before entering private practice in bariatric medicine in 1995, Dr. Elvebakk served as lead physician for the Sacramento Occupational Medical Group, and as an associate physician and disability interviewer at Sacramento County Health Department.

Dr. Elvebakk is a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians and serves on their roster of medical examiners. She lends her expertise as the bariatric consultant to the Alta Bates and Summit Hospital Bariatric Surgery Group. She is an expert commentator on nutrition related topics and has appeared on most of the TV stations in the Bay Area. She is also a writer, columnist and speaker to groups and companies.

Dr. Elvebakk’s Scandinavian background lends a natural interest in a healthy lifestyle to her medical practice. She believes everybody can be coached to live his or her lives in optimal health, and she has devoted her medical career to proving it. Her extensive background in internal, industrial and bariatric medicine has enabled her to create a range of very effective programs from straight fasts for quick weight loss to personal nutritional programs addressing metabolic issues. They all have a 10 year proven record of being safe and effective in even the most complicated medical setting.

Their program works equally well for teenagers and adults and over ten years boasts some five times the long term success rate of weight programs on a national basis. Their philosophy is that normal weight and good health is for everyone.

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