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Dr. Stephen M. Brown’sspecialty is in Pediatrics and is a member of healthgrades. HealthGrades compiles, organizes, and interprets information from several data sources into a single report. HealthGrades is owned and operated by Health Grades The Company was founded in August 1999 and is headquartered Colorado.
 They are committed to provide you the most comprehensive reports even if some information simply may not be available to them.
Dr. Stephen M. Brown’s mission is to improve the quality of healthcare nationwide with its accurate, objective provider ratings and expert advisory services; he is creating the standard for healthcare quality. Dr. Stephen Brown provides its clients with targeted solutions that enable them to measure, assess, improve and market healthcare quality. He works closely with the Leapfrog Group to distribute information on hospital patient safety activities to consumers, payers and employers. Dr. Stephen Brown also provides reports to professional medical liability insurance underwriters for nursing homes, hospitals and physicians that assist these companies in assessing risk and verifying background information. 

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