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Dr. Coleman has 54 years of service as a family doctor in the predominantly African American San Francisco community. His patients were his foremost concern. He regularly worked seven day, 75 hour a week until, at 80, he contracted lung cancer. When he passed five months ago, it was one week after his last day inthe office.
Health insurance is available to groups as well as individuals. Government plans, such as Medicare, are offered to people who meet certain criteria. The purpose of his health insurance plan is to help people cover their health care costs. Health care costs include doctor visits, hospital stays, surgery, procedures, tests, home care, and other treatments and services.
His commitment is that he will explain your diagnosis in clear, understandable terms. He will explain the options for treatment, surgical and non surgical, and recommend a treatment in your best interest. During the operation he will inform you of what to expect before, during, and after the procedure and arrange for any other needed specialty consultations. He will provide you with opportunity to evaluate the care and service you received from him.

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