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Total Disability: Know about It and its Types

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One of the most important facts when willing to purchase a disability insurance plan is what the insurer company considers to be a total disability. Obviously, the main requisite in order to get to have this kind of insurance is to be qualified as disabled. However, what does total disability really means and what kinds of total disability exist? These two questions must be answered before taking a disability insurance policy. According to the website, “when a disability begins, it is typically considered a "total disability" if it prevents an insured person from performing the essential duties of his or her regular occupation.”

The definition of total disability in any contract used for this matter is, perhaps, the most important and fundamental provision. It will be utilized in order to determine the eligibility of some employees to receive benefits. Nevertheless, this definition may vary from policy to policy. Some of them change at the final period once the disability starts, which most of the time refer to two years later.

These days, there are three main types of total disability. Knowing this may help you to realize about several things that could lead you to make the most accurate decision when looking for the best option. The first kind is called Own-Occupation Disability Insurance. It refers to the moment when the insured losses the capacity to continue working in his or her regular occupation. The insurer will pay the claim to the insured no matter if he or she is working in some other capacity.

The second kind is called Income Replacement Insurance, which is the most common definition these days. In spite of the fact that it is similar to the previous one, it differs in the fact that the insurer cannot work in any other occupation. Lastly, the third sort of total disability corresponds to Gainful Occupation Coverage. It is applicable when the insured is not able to perform his/her regular occupation or any other occupation for which you qualify since you have received education and training and gotten experience. Thus, you are now more knowledgeable of the subject matter. Just go and find the most appropriate type of policy that fits you best.

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