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Life Insurance is a contract under which a company agrees to pay a stated amount to the beneficiary or beneficiaries named by the insured. Pure or term insurance provides a death benefit but has no current value. Ordinary life insurance and the many variations thereof provide a build-up of current value as well as a death benefit. Credit life insurance covers the balance due upon a loan if it remains outstanding when death occurs.
Established in 1982, IOA Re's Medical Underwriting Division provides solutions for the alternative funding of employee benefit plans through specific and aggregate stop loss insurance or reinsurance products and ancillary products. Such products include Medical Conversion, Group Term Life and Accidental Death and Dismemberment. In addition to excellent underwriting and customized stop loss coverage, their medical underwriters offer clients technical expertise in the complex area of employee benefit needs and reinsurance coverage.
They are professional underwriting manager, provides insurance and reinsurance products and services in the accident and health marketplace. They offer support services in the areas of underwriting, compliance and claims handling. Their medical management organization, professional resource network, provides large case management, nationwide, subrogation or recovery service, prenatal and transplant management programs.
They at company are growing as a leader in the reinsurance industry because of their commitment to see and seize business opportunities and to create the best solutions for their varied clients. They will aggressively develop and improve their services both in anticipation of and in response to client needs and expectations. 

The Company offers a full range of services in conjunction with their reinsurance or insurance products. They provide support services in the areas of underwriting, compliance and claims handling. Life Insurance is more than just paying premiums to an insurance company and the payment of a death benefit to your beneficiaries. It can also be used to achieve different financial goals.

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