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The name Clarica is relatively new, but its roots go back to 1870. Thus it has the best of both worlds an honored past and a bright future. Clarica was Mutual Life of Canada. In 1999, Mutual Life of Canada converted from a mutual company owned mutually by its policyholders, to a shareholder company. The century old name, Mutual Life, was no longer appropriate or accurate. A new name, Clarica, was chosen to convey the power of clarity in helping customers make informed decisions about their health insurance, life insurance, and investments.
In 2002, Clarica and Sun Life Financial joined together to build an outstanding financial services company. The combined Canadian operations hold a leading position in most of the Canadian markets served.
Clarica is a leading distributor of financial security solutions to Canadians. Over 4,000 advisors, managers, and specialists work with people across Canada to offer solutions that meet individual needs for health and life insurance and investments. A Clarica advisor's time-tested abilities start with the knowledge that listening and understanding are the keys to providing sound financial solutions. A Clarica advisor knows that all situations are different and the financial choices you need to make are complex and often confusing. The goal is to achieve clarity through honest dialogue leading to straightforward advice.
Clarica is a comprehensive coverage plan that meets your life insurance needs, while also providing the potential for tax deferred growth. With Clarica, you can protect your dependants or business with life insurance, select competitive investment choices for your policy fund, build an education fund by complementing and enhancing your coverage with a Critical Illness policy that provides a cash payment when you need it most.
It takes planning to ensure your dreams come true. Your Clarica advisor will listen to you, understand your financial needs, and then offer clear financial options based on your goals and objectives. Together, you'll find straightforward solutions.

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