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Lincoln Financial Group

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Lincoln Financial Group is the marketing name for Lincoln National Corp. and its affiliates. At Lincoln Financial Group, their goal is to provide you with the clear, understandable financial solutions you need to reach your goals. While they are a large company, they are not a conglomerate. They are a family of companies, joined in the common cause of providing wealth accumulation products and services for your family.
Headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, LFD, Lincoln Financial Distributors, Inc. , a broker and dealer, registered investment advisor, and member of SIPC, is the wholesale distribution organization of Lincoln Financial Group. LFD was one of the first financial service companies to develop a unique, customer-focused and solutions-based approach to wholesaling. As a result, Lincoln Financial Group is now able to deliver a broad array of Lincoln manufactured products and services in a more holistic, consultative manner to better meet the complex and ever changing needs of today's leading financial intermediaries.

Lincoln Financial Group in the UK looks after assets of 4.3 billion pounds with over one million life assurance, pension, unit trust and ISA policies in force. The Group's UK head office is in Barnwood, Gloucester. The UK financial services industry is undergoing a period of rapid and significant change. Lincoln has responded by creating an exciting, fresh and responsive business. Instead of operating a large team of tied financial advisers, the company now offers its products directly to its customers and through independent financial advisers. Its extensive UK customer service operation aims to provide a friendly, efficient service to everyone, whether by telephone, post or electronically.

Lincoln Financial Group in the UK has appointed Goldman Sachs Asset Management International to manage the majority of its investment funds and unit trusts. This means that investors can benefit from the exceptional opportunity to see their savings and investments managed by one of the leading global investment specialists an opportunity previously available in general only to central banks, pension funds and other major institutions.

In the UK Lincoln is a marketing group authorised by the Financial Services Authority, providing life assurance, pensions and unit trusts. Lincoln Assurance Limited issues life assurance and pension policies and, Lincoln Unit Trust Managers Limited issues unit trust and ISA products. Lincoln Investment Management Limited provides fund management services.

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