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Blue Cross Blue Shield

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The Blue Cross and Blue Shield brands are the nation’s oldest and largest family of health benefits companies and the most recognized brands in the health insurance industry. Over the past 75 years, they’ve grown from their humble beginnings assuring hospital care to Texas teachers and providing physician care to lumber and mine workers in the Pacific Northwest. Now they’re the largest health benefits provider in America, serving more than 94 million people in all regions of the country.
They are the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, the trade association for the independent, locally operated Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. They are the proven consumer health advocates, always with the public's best interests at heart. The 38 local member companies of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association have provided millions of families like yours with top-quality, affordable health insurance for more than 70 years. For the one in three Americans who carry Blue Cross and Blue Shield cards, the Blue Plans symbolize health security. Their member Plans provide the kind of health care coverage you and your loved ones will want and need in the 21st century with high quality, customer-focused, innovative, and affordable.
They are providing you with Health and Wellness information important to you. Intended for those many Americans facing health treatment decisions, Health Dialog is a community of individuals and health care professionals committed to helping people bring their feelings and values to any health decision that affects them and their families.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans are offering Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans in local markets across the country. The Blue System is also working together to combat healthcare fraud. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and its member Plans will be there every step of the way for American families, like always.

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