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Assurances générales des caisses Desjardins

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Desjardins Group is thoroughly intertwined with that of modern Quebec. The development of the Desjardins network and the diversification of its activities parallelled the social and economic boom of the province. Desjardins, one of the biggest financial groups in the country today, has always been true to the philosophy of its founder to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Desjardins set up shop all over Quebec, as well as in other francophone communities in Canada, Ontario, New Brunswick and Manitoba. Everywhere, Desjardins Group has proven itself to be a different kind of financial institution, motivated by the desire to provide its members with high quality financial services and support community development.

Through its subsidiaries, Desjardins General Insurance Group ranks 7th among Canadian P&C insurers and is the leader for direct P&C insurance and individual P&C insurance. Desjardins General Insurance Group delivers its P&C insurance products directly to consumers, small businesses and partner groups. It is the Quebec leader for direct P&C insurance and ranks among the top 10 Canadian P&C insurers. The Company excels in designing insurance products and delivering customer service. Its values, which are shared by its entire staff, centre on clients, effectiveness and exceeding expectations.

Desjardins General Insurance Group has four subsidiaries. Two of them are major market insurers Desjardins General Insurance, present in Quebec, and Certas Direct Insurance Company, present mainly in Ontario and Alberta. Two subsidiaries serving separate markets operate under the brand name The Personal.

Desjardins Group, the subsidiaries and the caisses have as their mission to contribute to the improved economic and social well being of people and groups within the compatible limits of its field of activity by developing an integrated cooperative network of sound and profitable financial services, on an ongoing basis, that are owned and administered by the members, as well as a network of complementary financial enterprises, all performing well in their respective fields of activity, controlled by the members.

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