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Modern Woodmen of America

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Modern Woodmen of America was established by Joseph Cullen Root in 1883. From the beginning, Root had a plan for success. He wanted to create a fraternal benefit society that would protect families and their financial futures following the death of a breadwinner, offer more stability than other fraternals of that time and strengthen families, communities and the nation full of ideas, all Root needed was a name for his fraternal society. 

An annuity is a long term contract that allows you to set aside money now to secure a future income, often for life. Modern Woodmen annuities accumulate interest at competitive rates and grow tax-deferred until you make withdrawals, usually at retirement. If you want to save for retirement but are anticipating a change in your financial situation due to having children, changing careers or taking on a larger mortgage, Modern Woodmen’s Flexible Premium Annuity may be an ideal savings vehicle for you. It allows you to make multiple contributions toward your retirement savings and adjust the amount and frequency of those contributions over time.

If you would like to actively manage your investments and financial objectives, while protecting your family in the event of a premature death, you should consider Variable Custom Life insurance. With this product, you receive flexible insurance protection, investment choices for enhancing the potential growth of your certificate and numerous income payment options for the future.

If you want to choose from a broad range of investment options and are willing to accept greater market risk in exchange for a potentially greater rate of return, a Variable Annuity may be right for you. It is a flexible, tax-deferred investment vehicle that allows you to actively manage your investments and adapts to suit your changing needs over time. The value of a Variable Annuity is determined by the performance of the investment options selected. Performance is not guaranteed.

Modern Woodmen of America fulfills Root’s vision, as it symbolizes their commitment to financial security for families, positive family life and service to communities the common bonds they share.

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