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Order of the Sons of Hermann in Texas

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The Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas is a fraternal benefit society chartered by the state of Texas, organized under 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code and regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance. A local lodge confers membership with the approval by the Grand Lodge of a life insurance contract or annuity. The society is a not for profit corporation. Certain fraternal benefits are available to members, but these benefits are not intended as an inducement to buy life insurance. Life insurance always should be purchased on its own merits for the needs and goals of the individual buyer. The Order is licensed in Texas only. 
The mission of Hermann Sons Fraternal Insurance is to provide needs based protection for surviving family members. Needs based life insurance protection allows the surviving family to maintain its normal lifestyle when faced with loss of income or large final expense costs. The mission of Hermann Sons fraternal annuities, IRAs and Roth IRAs is to provide members with vehicles for systematic savings for retirement. Systematic savings, coupled with compound interest, provide the potentional for comfortable retirement. 

The Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas operates a Retirement Home for its members. It is located on a hilltop near Comfort in the Texas Hill Country. The Hermann Sons Retirement Home, built on a hilltop near Comfort, provides security and companionship for members in their sunset years. The Company was constructed in pursuance to a resolution adopted by the Grand Lodge in its regular meeting in Austin.
The mission of Order of the Sons of Hermann in the State of Texas life insurance division is to become the life insurance company of choice by enriching the lives of their customers through quality products and reliable service, built upon a history of success.

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