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In 1923, insurance executive Hawthorne K. Dent startled the established business community with a radical approach to insurance. Defying convention, he organized a company to combine the financial stability and responsibility of an investor owned stock company with the preferred risk underwriting and lower prices of a mutual or policy owned company. He further violated the conventional wisdom of his day by basing the company in Seattle, far from the recognized insurance centers of the metropolitan Northeast.
They focus on providing the insurance products that matter most to consumer’s auto, homeowners and small-business policies. Their business helps people protect what they value and deal with the unexpected.
At Safeco, they are intent on offering the best mix of insurance coverage’s and pricing, and fulfilling the promise of their products when a loss occurs. Their most visible product is the personalized service and support they provide when a customer files a claim whether it’s a fender bender or the loss of a home. They have a history of thoughtful claims resolution, and they have earned a reputation for fairness that they work hard to uphold every day.
Safeco relies on Independent Agents to help you select coverage based on your specific needs. Trust them to a company that understands the emotion behind the possession. Whether it's your favorite automobile, your weekend boat, a family heirloom, or the fantasy home you built from the ground up, Safeco recognizes your most valuable assets are more than just items on a balance sheet. They are extensions of you and your imagination. If the unthinkable happens, Safeco does more than hand you a check they work to make it right. 

Their mission is to make the experience of buying, selling and owning insurance easier than anyone else. They do that by delivering their products over a Web based sales and service platform that enables their distribution partners to quote and issue an insurance policy or surety bond in a matter of minutes.      

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