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Western American Life Insurance Company

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Western American Life Insurance Company has acquired the policies of over 275 set premium companies, mutual aid associations, burial associations, and legal reserve companies. Their mission is to enhance their companies’ profits and thus maximize their stockholders’ investment. Therefore they are committed to maintain a high level of accountability to their stockholders, Act as good stewards in handling the assets of the companies.
Their business philosophy is to treat customers, as they want to be treated. They commit to treat all their business associates with respect, with fairness, with reliability, caring for and listening to them, professionally serving them, always being a model of working hard and determined towards excellence. Their Customers and consumers are their first priority. Thus they are committed to treat them the way they want to be treated honestly and with sincerity in every situation, deliver quality insurance products and services at a fair price that best serve their customers, provide agents with a rewarding business opportunity and aggressively serve them to enhance their success.
Their companies have adopted the principles of ethical market conduct as developed by the American Council of Life Insurance. They commit themselves in all matters affecting the sale of individually sold life and annuity products, to conduct business according to high standards of honesty and fairness and to render that service to their customers which, in the same circumstances, they would apply to or demand themselves, to provide competent and customer focused sales and service, to engage in active and fair competition, to provide advertising and sales materials that are clear as to purpose and honest and fair as to content, to provide for fair and speedy handling of customer complaints and disputes. 

Their goals are to grow profitably, to track excellence, to help people develop and to honor god in all they do. In meeting these goals, they also meet the needs of their stockholders’ and employees’ families develop the full potential of their employees and agents and deliver quality insurance products and services to their customers at a fair price.

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