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Mission Life Insurance Company

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As their mission statement outlines, Mission Life Insurance Company is a strong, goal-driven company with a focus on growth and accomplishment. They’re also a people-oriented company, where teamwork is encouraged, diversity is valued, and new ideas are welcomed. Most important, they are a company that places a great value on their relationships with customers, agents, and employees. They are the people who have helped to shape their success since 1978.

They serve customers in their market niches with high-value, innovative, customer oriented products and services that are easy to understand, access and use. They intend to be a leader in each of their markets through the attributes including financial strength and stability, organizational focus, integrity and fairness, and a work environment that encourages creativity and positive responses to change. Their goal is to continually strengthen their position as one of the nation’s leading specialty health insurers.

Integrity, Honesty, fairness and ethics permeate their day-to-day interactions with others, and are the foundation upon which they run their business. Their customers are the reasons why they are in business and they are committed to understanding and meeting their expectations. They believe in their people and support their personal and professional development. They share a common focus and work with a collaborative style. They thrive in an environment which is dynamic and fast-paced, and in which differences in style and background are appreciated.

They are a company committed to providing high quality insurance products and outstanding customer service to their policyholders, claimants and agents that represent them. They know their mission and business strategy and are committed to the long term success of the organization and the financial protection of their policyholders. They possess the core competencies needed to perform their jobs and they continuously improve and learn. They are focused on the future as well as the present. They consider how their actions today will impact the organization and their customers of tomorrow.

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