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Gerald N. Epstein, M.D., is a pioneer in the use of mental imagery for treating physical and emotional ailments. In 1974, after 15 years as a Freudian psychiatrist, he changed direction to study the therapeutic uses of the imagination under Madame Colette Aboulker; Muscat.Through the years, Dr. Epstein's work has elucidated the spiritual dimensions that lie at the root of all healing.

A prolific author, in 1981, Dr. Epstein authored Waking Dream Therapy to advance the therapeutic use of imagination. Bantam Books published Healing Visualizations in 1989, which is now considered the classic text of mental imagery exercises for healing. In 1994, he wrote Healing Into Immortality, also published by Bantam Books, which presents a clear account of the reasons and remedies for illness. His most recent book, Climbing Jacob's Ladder in 1999, takes the reader on an experiential journey of the Bible.

Dr. Epstein is Director of The American Institute for Mental Imagery, a post graduate training center for health care practitioners. In addition, he holds public classes and workshops in imagery, dreams and Kabbalah. He also lectures worldwide. Dr. Epstein is an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City where he lives and maintains a private practice.

Dr. Epstein conducts research in mind body medicine. He completed a grant awarded by the National Institute of Health Office of Alternative Medicine to study the effects of mental imagery on asthma. He continues to research the effects of mental imagery on various illnesses.

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