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Norman Hearst is a professor in UCSF the University of California, San Francisco in the, Department of Family and Community Medicine. He is also the Director of Family Medicine Research Fellowship. He has undergone training into MD UCSF, MPH, UC Berkeley, Family Practice, UCSF Fresno, and Clinical Epidemiology UCSF. His areas of interest are HIV/AIDS epidemiology and prevention, building research capacity especially in the developing world and International Health.

Norman Hearst publications are Hearst N, Newman TB, Hulley SB. Delayed effects of the military draft on mortality: a randomized natural experiment. N Engl J Med. Hearst N, Lacerda R, Gravato N, Hudes ES, Stall R. Reducing AIDS risk among port workers in Santos, Brazil. Hearst N, Blas E. Research on health sector reform in the developing world. Health Policy and Planning. Hearst N, Chen S. Condom promotion for AIDS prevention in the developing world. Chequer P, Marins JRP, Possas C, Del Amo JV, Bastos FI, Castilho E, Hearst N. AIDS research in Brazil.

University of California, San Francisco is a leading university that consistently defines health care worldwide by conducting advanced biomedical research, educating graduate students in life sciences and providing complex patient care. UCSF Medical Center is one of the top 10 hospitals in the nation and a leader in the medical innovations that have improved and saved lives.

The Mission of UCSF is to attract and educate the nation's most promising students to future careers in the health sciences and health care professions, with continuing emphasis on open access and diversity, to bring their patients the best in health care service, from primary care to the most advanced technologies available, to encourage and support research and scholarly activities to improve their basic understanding of the mechanisms of disease and the social interactions related to human health, and to serve the community at large through educational and service programs that take advantage of the knowledge and skills of UCSF faculty, staff and students.

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